Welcome to Rural Development Academy


Rural Affairs Institute for Development is a registered Training Institute in Nigeria. It is a Premier Institute for training of manpower for rural operations.

The Institute ensure that training programmes and services are

  • simplified.
  • tailored to provide local solutions.
  • accesible by real-time implementers.
  • based on global best practices.

Basic Level Development

We help anyone learn basic principles and practices for success.

Middle level training

To provide training on best management solutions possible to middle level managers

Professional level certification

We collaborate with international institutions to provide high level professional training to anyone.


To train and equip pool of experts capable of carrying out socio-economic businesses anywhere.


Our overall objective is to find solution to difficult issues through research, training and guidance.


To train everyone, anytime and anywhere to achieve individual and general objective(s).


Rural Managers Training

Professional Certification

'Meet-Up' Master Classes

Associate Member, International Federation of Training and Development Organizations, UK