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for ISO Training, Examination and Certification

What you need to Know

  • I S O - International Organisations for Standardization: It develops International Standards in an open, impartial and consensus-based process.
  • PECB -Professional Evaluation and Certification Board: It is a certification body for persons, management systems and products on a wide range of international standards. As a global provider of training, audit, and certification services, PECB help professionals and organisations show commitment and competence by providing them with valuable education, evaluation and certification against internationally recognised standards.
  • Rural Affairs Institute: As Authorised Partner, the Institute act on behalf of PECB in Nigeria and other regions to ensure easy access to PECB range of programmes as well as creating Professionals in international standards.

Benefits of ISO examination and certification

  • Nowadays, businesses of different sizes face multiple challenges and decision makers become the point of convergence. Facing up to various challenges requires leadership potentials, but this is not enough. There is a need for practical tools everyone can rely on. In that regard, ISO standards are a well - known proven approach to help businesses to develop and deploy solutions based on good practices.

  • PECB, through its global presence, provides certification services for exemplified persons by offering excellent programs with proven methodologies and internationally recognized standards, which are reputable as a means to promoting competencies in extensive practices

  • The PECB Certified Training Courses will help you acquire the industry best practices that will help you learn how these changes could affect you on your business or your organization’s management systems.


To participate call, text or whatsapp +234 805 673 4637 , +234 803 603 8976 OR send email to to comfirm your program participation. You could download Registration Form now.

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